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  • Coaching and Consulting

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    Coaching is a focused process for helping individuals and teams thrive. It’s different from therapy because it is about moving forward where therapy is about looking back to help you move forward.

    I offer coaching for organizations looking to create coherence in the workplace, as well as individuals who want support to make a change, learn something new or achieve goals.

    For individuals, issues like body image/weight management, workplace challenges and opportunities, and interpersonal relationships can benefit from coaching.

    My coaching clients are mostly people looking for tools and support for managing in their challenging positions & lives. My 20 years of executive leadership experience lends itself well to this space. I enjoy coaching nonprofit leaders and teams, government officials, and corporate perfectionists so they get more enjoyment out of work and life as they reach for their goals.

    In addition, I specialize in Organizational Development for the following:

    • Trauma Informed Leadership
    • Strategic Planning and Fundraising Strategy
    • Advocacy Strategy
    • Board Development
    • Professional Development
    • Aligned fundraising practices

    Call or e-mail for more information and rates for coaching services.